CND Shellac - Live a polished life

The original power polish. CND Shellac combines the ease of polish with incomparable high gloss shine and extended 14 day wear.

  • Zero dry time - means there is no time to wait to grab your keys at the end of the treatment
  • No nail damage - because there are no drills or surface nail filng!
  • Easy on and easy off - in just 10 minuites with safe gentle CND foil wraps
  • Recepient of Numerous Best New Product awards

Shellac nails are the creation of Creative Nail Design after 5 years of research in order to create the ultimate nail polish. Shellac nails are a hybrid nail, incorporating the best of two worlds, nail polish and gel nail polish. The thing that makes shellac nails so exciting is that they have been designed to be super strong so that they do not chip while remaining thin. Shellac nails are applied the same way nail polish is but is cured the same way gel nail polish is (with a UV light). This means that shellac nails last longer, have greater flexibility, durability and a gloss finish like gel nails making the super attractive.

They are applied like normal nail polish and cured under UV light for a couple of minutes after which they fully harden. After that these babies are ready to go so no more need of someone to fish out your car keys or phone out of your handbag for you or worrying about bumping into things with your hands. The most important thing about shellac nails though is that they are designed not to damage your natural nail. Finally a nail polish that does not give you weak, paper thin nails after removal.

Shellac Nail Treatment                                  £25.00
Shellac Removal and Treatment                     £30.00
Shellac Removal and Nail Maintenance           £15.00 



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